What is a Lead Magnet: Examples of a Good Lead Magnet

Marketing has changed a lot from the past, decades ago companies did not have to do much to gain people to buy their products. However, the current world requires unimaginable effort on behalf of marketing teams to gain clients. Marketers acquire data of customers to reach out to them; advertising in old fashion ways does not work anymore. Gathering data is essential to approach people who can provide data. People themselves can provide data, and companies use persuasive offers to make them fill out forms. The persuasive offers are termed lead magnets.

Offers are not made vaguely; they must possess a value, or otherwise, people won't provide the data required. Newly engaged producers do not know much about them, and therefore they are not able to convert. What is a lead magnet? How does it work? What are the essential things to remember while providing an offer? The following article will answer all of these questions in this article. Marketing teams will be able to devise perfect plans for their new forms to gather information about prospects. Read till the end to learn more.

What is a Lead Magnet?

An offer is provided to the public that persuades them into spilling their personal information. Companies require information like names and emails of prospects to approach and convert them into clients. Customer preferences are also required that need data. Online forms are utilized for this purpose, but people are not willing to fill out forms or provide their personal information for free. People require something in return, and the offer provided for their efforts to fill information is called a lead magnet if it attracts people to a particular object and persuades them to act accordingly.

A lead magnet can be anything, from a free trial to free content. Anything that helps people spill beans. Organizations use several offers that attract people to their website and persuade them to give information. Free trial is often the tactic used by companies. Institutions offer their premium services free for a short period in exchange for information. However, it works as bait and enables people to use premium offers that they later purchase to have some experience.

Qualities of Good Lead Magnet

It is essential to learn what lead magnets' qualities make them efficient. There are several things involved, and they help create the best offer for the customers. Sometimes companies cannot provide what they offer, which can cost them massive amounts of mistrust and people leave with no intention of coming back. So, advertise offers that can be fulfilled and attract people instead of repelling them. Following are some essential qualities of rewards provided to customers for information.

Helps Organization

The reward provided to people for data exchange should be something that brings them back to the organization. As mentioned earlier, companies often provide a free trial of their services because they persuade them to buy the exact offers later. So, it is crucial for lead magnets to help organizations in achieving their goals. It should be something that helps companies.

High Value

What is a lead magnet's value? If someone is going to give you information about it. The value should be high enough, and it shouldn't be readily available. If you are offering something that is available for free elsewhere, no one is providing information for such a reward. IF a company offers a movie for some information, but a person can also download it without going through such effort, they won't fill out the forms.


Rewards offered against information should be engaging. What are lead magnets worth, and how much are people willing to sacrifice for them? Such vital questions matter when providing offers against forms. People don't spend time on things that don't intrigue their interests. Fascinating things like webinars, books, and templates increase interest and persuade them to fill the required data.

Lead Magnet

Why do you Need Lead Magnets?

To know about their needs, first, learn what lead magnets are and how they work? Organizations require information, information regarding customer preferences help gain customers, and only customers themselves know about their preferences. Persuading people to spill personal information is difficult. Corporations use offers to persuade people, and without them gathering information is impossible.

Lead magnets are the best persuasion method; they make people provide personal information. Companies use offers that cost less and have better outcomes. Reducing cost to increase profits is the main objective; offers with higher rates of return over investments are preferred for the same reason. Organizations cannot stop utilizing them because they will impact customers by creating an information stream.

Examples of Great Lead Magnets

You learn about what are lead magnets and why companies need them badly? Marketing departments effort to find suitable rewards that engage customers and also keep costs minimum for corporations. Choosing the best is complex. Proper planning and research are required to select the best working offer. Several factors are involved, and therefore selection becomes difficult. Following are some examples that might help marketers choose best for their campaign.

Free Trial and Samples

A reward provided by many institutions for users' information; It is a simple reward that generates qualified clients for businesses. People interested provide data for such rewards, and eventually, they end up buying it against money. Therefore, companies often utilize free trials as a benefit for providing personal knowledge. Costs are minimum for providing a free trial as it is for a few days; client also tests the service of the company and another buys an offer for money.

Organizations try to provide the best experience during free trials because people who use free trials are more likely to make trade in the future. Return on investment is high in this case.

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Webinar's popularity is increasing around the world. Using webinars as a lead magnet can yield returns. Webinars provide experience and knowledge to users; topics being covered if interests might persuade a person to give data against it. Corporations use webinars to persuade people further to become regular clients. Product promotion through webinars provided as prizes against user preferences is an intelligent move on behalf of producers.

Webinars help promote products, but customer interests should also be covered to convince them to exchange preferences. Through such prices, more than usual data can be collected and benefits both visitors and suppliers.

Evaluation Tools

B2B prospects are different in preferences, requirements, and preferences are different from B2C clients. Business people love businesses more than anything; a reward that might help them with their business will benefit both sides. B2B clients provide information in exchange for business benefits. Evaluation tools provided against personal data persuade business clients to layout everything.

Tools help them evaluate their sites; organizations can partner with evaluating firms to reduce costs. Promotion through this channel can help producers of both products while providing benefits to the receiver of the prize. Evaluation tools can work as perfect lead magnets for the B2B trade.


White papers are in-depth research providing guidance to users about extensive problems. Whitepapers are often provided as a prize for completing the form. Format of whitepaper helps business clients solve their extensive and significant problems. Guidance is provided through them to people completing offers. Organizations often use materials that give them advantages over competitors; they often try to persuade people further through these lead magnets.

Companies use whitepapers to achieve their own purposes; they offer clients problems to solve while persuading them to their own. They offer clients problems to solutions while persuading them to their own agendas. Use of white papers as lead magnets is often seen with companies that focus on B2B clients. B2B is more interested in them than other types of clients.


The popularity of eBooks is increasing day by day, and their use for offers is increasing. eBooks are utilized that provide support to a company's narrative and increase chances of conversion for companies. eBooks are somewhere related to whitepapers; however, the extensive data used in prior is not available in eBooks. Easy to read and understand for people of all groups make them an excellent reward for giving information.

People often get intrigued by a good book that is not available for sale elsewhere. They are more likely to provide information in exchange for a copy. Use of eBooks as a lead magnet is increasing, and its cost is also low, saving tons of money for corporations. One-time spending on an eBook can gain hundreds of clients that provide high yields. Profits increase when books are utilized for such purposes in lead generation.

Case Studies

Case studies are often needs of students, and companies use their needs for their own gains. Companies offer some case studies that are often desired by students. Available in PDF or other types of files, students provide data to get their hands on them. The use of case studies as bait is not very popular as not enough people are in demand for them. Also, selecting a case study that can convert is a difficult task in itself.

Sometimes companies use more than one case study as a lead magnet. On-time of completing the offer, users are asked to download one in exchange for their data. The utilization of several case studies yields high returns but not as much as a free trial or webinars. Companies cannot utilize case studies further for their advantage, and the quality of client-generated through such baits is not good enough. So, trusting a case study is rare for corporations.


Sometimes companies offer videos in return for personal data. These can be high-value training videos that are not available for free. People use their most potent tool, personal information, to make these videos. Utilization of videos can provide great returns. Videos provided can be further altered to promote brands' products. This helps producers' impact on the customer for a long time. Most companies use videos to gain information from users.

Videos as clickbait are a perfect lead magnet. They have interest in the visitor as well as the producer. A marketing team knows how they can use a video lead magnet for their advantage further. They utilize their skill to alter videos in such a way that they further serve the cause. People are also happy to get videos once only available for high value. Video can generate tons of leads at low cost; a one-time copyright fee allows to gather information about hundreds of clients.


Formatting a document or making an excel sheet is pretty difficult but if a company provides editable templates that can be easily changed to your liking is a win-win situation. People provide data in exchange for editable templates that can help them in future. Companies personalize templates that somehow remind people about the company. It is a viral lead magnet that companies use to their advantage.

Templates have interest in almost all users; it's up to the experience and specialization of the marketing team to know about the preference of people to do their research and use templates that increase people's interest.

Lead Magnets

What are lead magnets? And what are good examples of lead magnets? Answers to all your questions are provided in the article. You can learn about it after reading the whole thing. Companies need this peace offering because it is something that gets people to provide information. Some people ask what is a lead magnet and how it provides data? Data is given by people in exchange for an offer, and you can learn more about it by thoroughly reading the article. It will help your business work well with the audience for information.

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