16 B2B Lead Generation Ideas to Steal

 16 B2B Lead Generation Ideas to Steal

Lead generation is getting popular among businesses but the difficulties are also increasing every day. Brands find it difficult to find new prospects to improve their sales and increase their businesses. Gathering data is getting difficult because people are now more concerned about their privacy. They are worried about providing data to companies. Therefore, businesses find it difficult to find prospects. Studies conducted by experts reveal that around 60% of marketers are worried about client gathering as it has become difficult.

Marketing departments are experimenting with their strategies to find the best to implement. Trial and error however is not a great option. They often have to invest in strategies that cause losses. Companies also have to personalize their strategies based on the audiences they are targeting, targeting based on area, standards, and other aspects.

Organize utilize different tactics to lure in customers, video content is quite famous as it provides the highest amount of leads for businesses. However, videos are not the answer for all businesses, some gain clients through blogging and other writing pieces. Therefore, there isn’t a single answer to all their problems. Companies need to find the options that suit them. This article is going to help businesses find the best strategy for their campaign, article will provide several ideas for client gathering and it job of marketing departments to choose the best according to their business type.

16 Best B2B Lead Generation Ideas

 16 Best B2B Lead Generation Ideas

Gathering prospects is a difficult task and when it comes to B2B clients it becomes even more difficult. B2B marketing has a very tight market and therefore they have to utilize strategies that can give high returns. This article has all the important strategies that can give high return on investment if applied properly. Brands can utilize these ideas for their lead generation campaign to gather more information than ever before.

Each B2B client has different requirements and the seller also has some conditions. In every case, the strategy needs to be unique and effective. Business clients require more knowledge than regular customers there the advertisement department has to work hard enough to convey information. The following ideas in this article show marketing departments different ways to convey their message to clients and gather leads for organization. Read till the end to learn all the important tips and tricks for B2B marketing:

Popup Forms

Popups are really the best method to get the attention of your client, however, too many popups and the client can get annoyed. The best options are Exit intent popups. These popups can be utilized to grab the attention of the client. Add a popup that grabs the attention of the user when they are about to lead. Offer a quality service that grabs their attention and forces them to fill out a form. Don’t let the user go away without providing any lead. The offer in the popup should be intriguing to grab the audience’s attention and persuade them in providing their personal information.

On-site Retargeting Users

Retargeting is quite fruitful, businesses that utilize retargeting on site get more prospects than the sites that don’t utilize this feature. Retargeting utilizes exit intent popups and the user’s previous history on the website to display ads that they might have interested in. The popup appears while the user is about to leave and displays items of interest. Such advertisements have a high chance of grabbing the attention of the consumer and conversion. Many big online selling companies utilize this feature on their websites for leads gathering, especially Alibaba, which is a big B2B brand.

Automated Email Marketing

The current situation has changed from the past when customer’s used to looking for a seller. Now sellers must approach customers to sell their products. Big brands spend millions of dollars yearly on the advertisement and capturing consumers’ attention. Automated emails can be a big win for lead generation. You have to set triggers and emails for the customers to receive. A customer contacting and providing their information to the company would receive and nurture email and returning customers would receive offers that could help with conversion. Email marketing through CRM is cheap marketing method that yields quality results. Return on investment in email marketing is quite high.

Stories and Case Studies

Customers as mentioned earlier have a lot of options., therefore organizations have to utilize different tactics to get their approval. Often customers are not interested in a new product or service being introduced in the market. Organizations in such scenarios can use stories and case studies to change their opinions. Stories of previous customers and how company’s product solved their problem could be a winning shot at lead gathering. Case studies are also a solid method of earning the trust of the customer and could actually improve sales. Utilizes automated email marketing and send link to blog or add videos of previous customers that could change opinions.

Social Media Ads

Creating ads on social media is best option right now for lead collection. Current market works best on social media. It allows targeting specific audiences based upon their activity on the social media which is a great opportunity for any business. Social media like Facebook has around 2 billion daily active users. That is almost 1/4 of the whole world’s population. Social media platforms also allow personalization. CRM integration with social media websites can optimize targeted advertisement. Optimization of ads is what any business requires and through social media platforms, it is possible. Ads are cheap but lead generation and ROI are high yielding high profits.

Social Media Engagements

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and companies could utilize its potential to target B2B clients. For B2B sellers the best platform of marketing should be LinkedIn, website has millions of decision-makers active daily. LinkedIn could help companies access people that they couldn’t through any other media or platform. Daily posting increase chance of engagement hence providing you with solid customers. Post relevant content that advertises and educate the consumer about the product being sold. Links to website or landing page on posts could help gather leads effectively.

Business Blog

Business blogging has a high potential of generating leads. Organization must know audience and their taste and provide them what is needed. Brands utilize blogging to convey their message to audiences. Utilize original content on blog and use high-quality SEO to improve the quality of blog. Provide insight into your product, business clients require more information than usual clients. Providing them extensive information could result in fruitful information that could be utilized in the future. Win confidence by elaborating all the aspects of the product available so it’s easy for decision makers to decide.

Focus on Content

More is better but quality is also essential. Create more content that has quality and appeal. Content that has potential of persuading consumers in the market. Post regular and more content that could appeal decision makes and influence their opinions. Marketers need to determine volume of content to be posted daily and keep it regular for audiences. Post blogs that are helpful for audiences and other businesses. More content would result in more leads eventually.

Content Optimization

Content is king and content optimization is what makes it king. Optimize content so it could improve the rank of your website and blog. Companies have websites but they cant rank on search engines because they aren’t optimized. Utilizing keywords and backlinks for your content to be ranked high on search engines could increase engagement. Users don’t go down the listed websites to choose the best they select from the top ones. So bring your website to the top through search engine optimization for lead generation.

Informative and Long-Form Content

B2B clients as mentioned before requiring more information than regular clients. Business-to-business buyers have to further utilize the products for selling or manufacturing, so the loss in case of a wrong product can be huge. They require more information to make the purchase decision, therefore B2B sellers must post long content on their blogs and social media websites to win their trust. Providing all information about the product has the dying trust of the seller. Long-form content around 2k words is considered best and performs well on social media websites for lead generation.

Utilize Push Notification

Push notification is heaven for marketers, it's something that sells products. Use push notifications on websites and ads on social media websites to reach out to buyers. Business owners don’t have much time for social media compared to other users. Therefore, push notifications can pop up on their mobile devices intriguing their interest. Push notifications to have access can appear even after the app or website is closed and have a high chance of lead gathering.

Prompt Queries and Answer Them

Start your content with a question, and prompt queries in audiences. They need answers and who else has better answers than organizations selling them. Add queries to content and answer them to hit the right nerve which could improve the lead generation campaign. Make your blogs in Q/A style and let people learn through them, such blogs have a high chance of ranking if the marketing team utilizes the best questions.

Learn and Deliver

People have needs that’s the reason they look out, learn what buyers want from sellers, and provide them with their interest. Survey the market and learn about the requirement of purchase and provide them what they are looking for. Create lead generation magnets based upon the search and see results. A well-researched lead magnet can perform 100 times better than any other magnet. Audiences' interests keep changing, so keep looking out for any change and adapt to it for better lead generation.


Pay-per-click ads are still doing wonders for marketers around the world. Pay-per-click ads work better if the website has high traffic. Google is considered the top-tier search engine and has billions of active users daily. Using the targeted ads system of google allows for better results, and ROI improves by using google ads. It is a website trusted by millions of users, finding B2B customers through google is profitable for lead generation.

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A/B Tests

A/B tests could help the advertising department understand audiences, advertisers experiment with their advertisements, and lead collection methods to find the best to approach people. Organizations utilize different tactics to find the best among them to be used for gathering prospects. THE B2B market is no different in this regard, experimentation is essential to find the best kryptonite to subdue clients. A/B testing takes different approaches and compares the results to find which worked better and uses it with another until the best remains.

Mobile Optimization

Most work is being done through mobiles, sending emails making business deals everything happens over mobile. Organizations should optimize their websites, landing pages, and blogs for mobile audiences. As research suggests that around 75 to 80 percent of B2B buyers use mobile during work, which is a pretty solid opportunity. Brands that use mobile optimization have better lead generation results than other brands. So, mobile optimization could help improve the results of marketing efforts.


These were the 16 best ideas for lead generation for business-to-business sellers. All the ideas listed have a high potential for generating leads. Top brands use these strategies to improve their results. However, not all ideas do not have to work for every business. Each business has some special requirements so, experiment with these tactics to find the best.

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