Key Trends for B2B Lead Generation

B2B sales have changed over the past few years; COVID has been the game-changer for marketers and customers. The shift of sales from physical to digital has changed the whole concept of marketing. Lead generation has also changed in the past years, all thanks to the Coronavirus. Customers are getting intelligent and learning new things about the businesses and sellers. The biggest change seen in trade was observed in B2B sales. The customer in this form of business relies on online interaction as most of them are making online sales further. So, with changing times, everything is changing.

Technology around us is also changing; the introduction of the metaverse and other stuff like that is also affecting the marketing approach. New lead generation trends have been positive for organizations. The utilization of new tools has lowered the cost per sale. Marketing departments are now shifting to a data-based approach. Data and content are the two main components of modern advertisement efforts. Everything has shifted from physical to digital and especially after the arrival of Coronavirus in 2020. This article will focus on the new trends in the businesses. Especially those are affecting the B2B sales in the markets.

Automation and data are becoming the main important parts of marketing that influence the sales patterns of businesses. Let's learn further about the modern lead generation trends.

B2B Lead Generation Trends

New Lead generation Trends in 2022

2022 is the year that has seen the world coming back to its previous form, where people were living freely without the fear of Coronavirus. Things are becoming normal and coming back to as they were, but marketing efforts have not been back to as they were. The method of customer approach has changed over these past couple of years, and now the digital approach is in the new lack. Competition has also increased on the new grounds. To keep yourself on top of others, one must know about the new trends in the market. Being updated is the key to success; the following are a few trends in the current market for the year 2022. Learning about them can help you improve your lead generation:

Data-Based Approach

Being a small business in 2022, if you aim to capture customers and increase sales without data gathering, then either the marketers are living in the past, or they want to ground the business. Since the digitalization of the markets, a data-based approach is the center of marketing. For B2B, decision-making analytics and data are the two key components. Experts believe even the small companies if they want to thrive, must focus on a data and data-driven approach. The information assists with the decision-making as it provides true pictures of the markets. Data based approach is the newest and one of the most effective lead generation trends.

Studies have shown that through a data-based approach, companies have improved their workings. Lead generation is becoming the main focus of marketing efforts, even for the small business that once neglected its importance. Through data gathering, decision-making in sales improves along with the right way of approach. By focusing on the number, the organization can truly reach its potential and maximize its efforts in all parts of the business. Marketing experts advise companies to base their future work on data to improve sales.

CDP Software

CDP software is a viable tool for lead generation, and the software is utilized by companies around the world. The use of data has increased in the business but arranging, and utilization of data is not possible without CDP tools. CDP or Customer data platform is a software that collects customers' data from several platforms to create a customers profile. The customer data platform collects data from around the internet about prospects to help businesses understand customers better. The data collection can happen on the organization's website, on the customer's social media accounts, or through customer relationship management tools. The data is utilized to find patterns and behaviors of the customer to capitalize on lead generation.

The customer data platform is becoming essential for marketing departments around the world. It improves the marketing approach for the companies along with providing a well-equipped customer profile. Utilizing such software, the business for companies has increased by around 50%. This software has all the information a customer leaves behind after coming in contact with the companies; after gathering contact information of consumers, Utilizing CDP can help figure out the best use of that data. Although CDP is efficient while focusing on new lead generation trends, never ignore the rules of data collection, or it might cause problems for businesses.

Intent Data

Such data has a very important role to play in lead generation; data is collected by third parties that further sell such data to companies that require it. B2B buyers come across different problems and look for solutions on the internet. They come across several blogs and communicate with several businesses to find solutions to their problems. Data collected through third parties is sold to companies after integrating with the CRM tools being utilized by the companies. The data shows the interests and the likeness of the buyers that could help with prospect gathering.

The data provided by third parties can help with the identification of essential keywords. Analytics were gathered to provide the keywords searched by consumers on different search engines. It is merged with information already present in the CRM tool, which provides a better way of approach. Consumers' engagements are also recorded, but data collected by these third parties is collected under the rules of data collection. These latest lead generation trends can help companies with improving their sales and reduce costs spent on nurturing leads. The leads gathered after utilizing such data can get quality leads that are easy to nurture.

Account-Based Approach

B2B market is pretty different from what companies experience in the B2C market. Lead generation trends in the B2B market are also different in a B2C market. In a business, there are several decision-makers, and to purchase something, the decision of all decision-makers is important. So being an organization that deals with B2B clients, marketers cannot approach each decision-maker to nurture them and persuade them. Therefore, the account-based approach is popular among marketing departments dealing with B2B clients.

Targeting accounts can improve the sales of the company by half. Marketing reports suggest that more than 90% of businesses are transferring to ABM due to its benefits. This helps you reach out to the businesses that are more interested in purchasing the product or service offers. When a company is targeted as a whole, the chance of selling increases to 50%. 2022 when a consumer wants a digital approach, account-based targeting has become easy. Retargeting by following an account-based approach can help save time and cost on the seller's end. Decision-making for the consumer also becomes easy. Lead generation through account-based targeting is easy and more viable in the B2B market.

Specialization in Sales Steps

The sales process is not what it used to be, as the lead generation trends are changing. Roles in the sales department are also changing with time. Now doing all tasks related to sales is not possible for a single person, and in big companies, the same is for small teams. Sales are becoming difficult with each passing day and require more help in each department of sales. Lead creation, data processing, outreaching, cold calling, and selling are different steps or parts of sales; each requires its own specialist that can work in specializing in that area. Marketing giants require small teams for each step that are experts in their work on the specific task.

This new lead generation trend has taken companies by storm, as specialization is essential to improve the output. Companies are now hiring specialists for each step of the sales process. The companies that want to excel in competition utilize this method of sales specialization to boost their work. Specialized personnel is better at doing their job as they know even the small hurdles that come during their jobs; companies also use on-the-job training to teach and specialize workers. 2022 is the year where sales specialization is essential for companies to prosper.

Sales Automation Tools

Automation has become bag part of businesses and especially marketing. Automation can help increase the sales of the companies while keeping the costs low. Automation can help with the data accessibility and utilization of data. As mentioned above, CDP tools are utilized to gather data automatically to prospects' profiles for a better understanding of their patterns. Further automated mailing can be helpful in nurturing leads. Modern automated mailing tools also allow targeted mailing. Which helps improve the conversion rates, transfer to digital channels has highly influenced the trends of automation. These lead generation trends in B2B marketing prove beneficial for the companies.

Automation allows effortless sales and allow flexibility in the working of marketers. Reaching out to prospects becomes easy through automated tools. Customer relation management tools play a huge part in the automation process. Tools allow tracking and outreaching prospects without human interaction, which reduces the cost of the lead generation process.

Engaging Content

Content is king; that's old school now. Companies do not just rely on the content; modern consumers look for content that is engaging and attractive. In the latest lead generation trends, Videos are becoming a big part of marketing efforts; animated explainer videos are taking over the marketing content. Video as a whole is becoming a major part of the internet user doesn't have time to read online; a video is more viable as prospects can listen and watch what the organization wants them to know. Most of the internet traffic Is transferring to videos, and studies show that by the end of this year, more than 80% of internet traffic will account for video content.

Videos are just one type of content that is becoming popular surveys, quizzes; infographics are becoming popular on the internet. This type of content plays a vital role in lead generation. Companies utilize such content on different social media channels to redirect prospects to their website and especially to get them to purchase their products.

Lead Generation Trends


Outsourcing is of the latest lead generation trends that are becoming popular among marketers. Outsourcing allows companies to shift burdens to third parties and relax while they focus on the other parts of the business. Outsourcing is becoming very popular, especially after COVID happened when companies faced a shortage of staff, and to fill the gap, they relied on the outsourcing method of lead generation. This helped companies focus on the other areas of business while giving this part of the sales to experts who specializes in finding new prospect for the businesses.

Although the staff has been completed in most companies, several companies still utilize this method of gathering customer data. It requires less effort at the company's end and provides better results. Outsourcing has reduced the cost of each sale for an organization; B2B businesses are one that is shifting to these new lead generation trends.


Lead generation trends are essential for monitoring the companies if they want to stay ahead of their competition. Through digitalization, the pattern of prospecting has changed thoroughly. To stay relevant, companies have to follow the new methods being introduced in the market. You can read the method given in this article to stay updated.

Lead generation trends for 2022 in this article can help your business stay afloat and compete head-to-head with the competition. Business is changing every day, so tactics of gathering clients should also keep updating.


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