What is transactional selling ?  In simple terms

Selling products is one thing, but creating customer relationships benefits businesses. Companies worldwide focus on building customer relationships; such relationships could benefit businesses in the long run. However, every business isn't focused on creating relationships. Most companies tend to sell products and move on, several sales methods are available, and each business knows best for itself and its products.

Lead generation is considered best marketing strategy according to modern standards. However, all leads generated through this method do not end up becoming clients. Prospect conversion rate is relatively low; however, churning rate also increases in some businesses. Competition in all sectors is growing, and customers are looking for new sellers to purchase products; therefore, the churning rate increases. Transactional selling is a strategy that focuses on selling products, creating relationships, or providing consultation to clients isn't the primary goal. Below you will get a detailed introduction to Transactional selling and how sales are carried out in transactional selling.

What are Transactional Sales?

Transaction selling is one of the most famous selling strategies; instead of customer-oriented selling, the department only focuses on selling products through any means necessary. Creating relationships isn't crucial in this type of selling strategy. Most transactional selling is done through cold calling; sellers approach customers through cold calls and pitch their products. Sellers are focused only on sales; they use product pricing and social proof to close the deal.

Transactional selling has a concise cycle compared to other traditional selling processes. Sellers are more focused on just selling the product; hence the relationship creating isn't given importance. Customers quickly move down the sales funnel in this methodology. Sellers are quick to move on to the next client. Transactional selling is easy and quick; sellers are more focused on sales than clients.

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What is Transactional Selling Process?

Seller contact customers from the contacts available and the customers are approached through cold calling. Cold calling is not the only method of communication; emails and one on one meetings could also help close the deal. Sellers want quick sales because new customers are the only hope for businesses in such situations. No relationships are created, so repetitive purchase is not an option.

Reps use several tactics, apart from traditional selling approach; they utilize selling tactics that are quick and effective. Sellers provide offers and discounts to close the deal in an instant. Creation of urgency is one of the most effective methods for transactional selling strategy. Make customers feel the urgency of matter and influence their decisions. Consumers feel that they might miss an exclusive offer that would be available again, so they are more influenced to purchase the product.

It is very seldom that transaction client returns, but expert sellers could make it happen. If sellers provide quality deals to people, then clients often return to the same sales rep. An expert rep could increase their sales through quality negotiation skills.

Consultative VS Transactional

Consultative, as the name shows, the selling is all about the buyer. The organization give the consumer much importance. They are mostly about providing solutions to customers. Creating a relationship with the person in market is main goal. Consultation regarding the problem being faced by the consumer could really help create relationships. For instance, a company might face difficulty finding the perfect raw material for its products. Raw material is bases for production; without the perfect raw material, creating a perfect commodity is difficult. Sales Representatives could provide consultation to the buyer after learning about their problem. Provide them consultation in the form of the item they are selling.

Reps start by learning problems and then provide solutions; during solutions, they recommend their own raw material. However, transactional selling is difficult; reps are not concerned with the problem of purchasers. Vendors would pitch their product by listing all its benefits and giving price comparisons. They are quick and jump to next buyer.

Reps start by learning problems and then provide solutions; during solutions, they recommend their own raw material. However, transactional selling is difficult; reps are not concerned with the problem of purchasers. Vendors would pitch their product by listing all its benefits and giving price comparisons. They are quick and jump to next buyer.

Traditional VS Transactional

Traditional method is pretty different than transactional method, in transactional method vendors reach out to the consumer. However, in traditional method the people in market reach out to the vendor. They find the best vendor in market and approach for purchasing desired items. Traditional method of selling doesn't require much marketing effort because people are already interested in product. All prospects that connect end up closing the deal. Sales happened with the efforts of the buyer. More about :sources of B2B Lead Prospects

Tips for Improving Sales for Transactional Selling Strategy

Tips for Improving Sales for Transactional Selling Strategy

Transactional sales are quick, but they could also take some tips from the traditional selling methods. Several tactics are available that could help you increase number of consumers that close the deal. Taking lessons from traditional selling methods could help you gather more clients. Following are the tricks that could help sellers gather more customers:

Establishing Quick Connections

Difference lies between building connections and creating relationships; connection is quick and doesn't last a long period. Sellers call customers to sell products; during calls, human often shows compassion to some stuff and use their common interests to create a connection. Find a common cause that could connect both parties, and utilize that connection to get closer to the buyer. Creating instant connections could improve the sales chances.

Establishing connections is important but doesn't convert them into relationships; transaction selling is quick selling method where suppliers want buyers in quantity. Products listed for sales are products that customers won't buy again for a long time.

After approaching the client, try to find the common interest. See if they are your age or have the same favourite sport as you. Finding similar interests that also match the product could impact sales positively. Most effective way of building a connection is listening; listen to what people are saying. Often buyers use language that isn't similar; try communicating in their language and show them the similarities. This could improve the chances of conversion.

Providing Incentives for Sales

This selling methodology is quick and requires impulsive decisions at both ends. Businesses often create a sense of urgency in selling products. Companies create a sense of urgency where customer feels like they are getting a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Businesses provide special discounts and offer at the time of sales. Pressure builds upon the unconscious of the buyer.

After creating a connection with buyers, customers start selling the product. They start by price comparison and explaining benefits of products offered. Considering the attitudes of buyers, sellers provide exclusive offers. Limited-time discounts are provided to create a sense of urgency and pressure the buyer's unconscious. Sales depend on negotiation skills and the quality of the offer.

Trust Your Product

Businesses should have trust in their product opted for sales. Sellers must know everything about the products being sold. Sellers must know about all the benefits and shortcomings of the commodity they are selling. Businesses must be fully aware of commodities they are selling so sales representatives can answer all buyers' questions.

Believe in the product you are selling, and never get double-minded regarding the items for selling. If sellers trust them, consumers themselves will start to believe in them.

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Patients Is the Key

Never rush a customer; transactional sales are impulsive but rushing a consumer could push them out of your hand. Be patient and never judge buyers from initial conversation. Always remember, in transactional selling, the seller's persuasion skills close the deal. Customers are never ready to purchase; it's the job of persuasion skills to win a client. When using cold calls as communication tool, don't rush for next calls; spend some extra time with clients to see their reactions.

Adjust according to the client, as mentioned above, and adapt according to the client. Same item could be presented in different ways, so utilize skills to present the item differently. Impulsive transactional selling is only possible through patiently listening and giving clients with whom they want to listen.

Adapt to Environment

In such cases, businesses come across hundreds of people every day. Now each client has different mindset. Some people want logic, while others require an argument. Some people could be persuaded with a small offer. So, all people are different from each other, and this is what makes us human. So, when dealing with so many people, you must be adaptive. You must change your tone and sales pitch with every new person.

Prepare not one but several pitches, so when a person with different attitude comes, you know method to deal with them. Initial conversation should be general to understand the person's nature. Transactional selling is quick and sales oriented but knowing the person is essential. This way, you could optimize your pitch according to the client.

Quality Leads

This methodology is perfect for selling items that don't bring back customers; however, it is important that the leads purchased should be relative. Mostly the sales through this method are made through cold calling. Contact information is essential for cold-calling purposes. So, when purchasing or gathering lands, it is essential that businesses must purchase leads that have any connection with the item being sold.

For instance, you are selling heaters, and contact information you gather is of people living in warm areas. The places where they do not require heaters or other equipment for warmth, in such cases, leads and time would be wasted. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to gather leads that have any connection to the item listed for sales.

Transactional Selling Examples

You could find several companies around you following this methodology for selling items. Often people receive phone calls that pitch them offers to purchase credit cards or other relative items. Such calls are parts of this methodology. Following are some clear examples of transactional sales strategies.

An employee working for a commission often utilizes this method of selling. Employee requires selling television and would not look for people that would stick. Such an employee doesn't want regular customers; instead, he would sell products to people that might show little interest in the televisions. Black Friday is also an example of this methodology, where the prices are lowered to provide a limited-time deal. People get carried away with the limited-time offer and try to cash it in. High number of buyers gather to purchase the item at such offers. Businesses often use coupons to sell items; they use the coupons to trick people and make them purchase stuff. All of these examples perfectly show how transactional sales work. The methodology is simple and easy to understand; however different from traditional selling.


Article provides you with all information about the transactional selling methodology; It is modern method of selling products where vendors are only concerned about selling products, with no intention of creating relationships. Transactional methodology is utilized in both B2B and B2C businesses. However, the use in B2B sales is pretty low. For organizations utilizing transactional method, they must learn it properly before utilizing it. Method looks simple but as difficult as any other selling method in market.

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