How to quickly become a successful graphic designer

Graphic designing emerged with the emergence of computers, designing took a whole new state. Digital artists came into being; people created masterpieces using mouse instead of pain brushes. Graphic designing, like painting, has become a proper job. Graphic designer job isn’t easy; following the traditional method, students must study for years in universities without practical experience. After completion of degree internship phase begins, and then students at some level are eligible for entry-level jobs. Graphic designing is a newly introduced course; demand was high, so is the price. After paying huge sums of money, people weren’t earning much due to lack of practical knowledge. Universities teach designing but don’t teach selling one’s self.

Is It Possible to Become Graphic Designer in a Year

In world of endless possibilities, is it possible to learn graphic designing within span of a year? Question asked by many people desiring to become digital artists. Digital designing has become a vast field; several subcategories are available. Modern people aren’t ready to wait for thing; Gen Z want quick results. TikTok and reels became famous because youngsters want quick entertainment. Sitting around for 10-minute-long videos is not their cup of tea. 3 to 4 years-long courses in universities for graphic designing has become old.

Students want quick results and need courses that could be done under a yes. Well, yes, it’s possible, and this article would help out youngsters who want to take a graphic designer job. Learning digital art from home under a year has become with improved technology.

Courses For Learning Graphic Designing Under a Year

Several courses are available online, and different institutions also offer courses. Courses as short as three months are available where instructors teach students about graphic designer work. Most instructors begin with studying software and designing and lack focus on practice. Out of institution, after course completion, student doesn’t know how to complete project without help. Institution only teach students about graphic designing but doesn’t make them independent. Students out of such institutions don’t know how to apply for jobs and work as digital artists.

Online courses are available as well, but still, people couldn’t learn anything from them; however, this article will help you out by providing some easy steps to find and learn graphic designer work.

Learn Graphic Designing at Home Within a Year

Graphic designer job is easy; artists can work from home and earn solid money. Huge freelance opportunities also exist for artists that want to work from home. People have seen increasing demand for graphic designing and want to learn graphic designing at home and want quick results. Universities charge huge fees, and it takes years to become designer. However, there are methods through which people could learn work within a year of existence, and you can find them below. This article is for people who want to become digital artists.

Begin your graphic designing course at home by following some simple and easy steps. Read instructions below and begin training and practicing work at home; you could become a digital artist within a year:

Study At Home

Begin by studying designing; becoming expert in field without having proper knowledge isn’t possible; begin by learning about it. There are different things involved in designing. Graphic designer job isn’t a one-way street; it’s a street connected by a network. Several subfields are present, and an expert can only master one or two. Start by researching regarding best field, a field that matches your interest. Several subfields are available, as mentioned earlier, and each field has its own merits and demerits. In studying phase, study everything about the fields. It would take a couple of days, but the person understands what the future holds. Afterward, the real race starts, and learners have to buckle up:

Studying Software

Software is available, and each software works differently but performs same tasks. Choose software wisely, study them and learn its functions. Studying about softwares utilized in designing is important. Designing programs are most important in graphic designer work; projects can’t be completed without these. Find the best software by learning about them and studying each and every function of that software. Books are available, or you could learn them from PDF files available online. Learn the tools software has, what kind of functions it performs and why it is important.

Learn the history of the programs and find out why people developed and improved them. PDF files with softwares are also provided to help users learn about software, learn those to find better information about them.

Study Designing

Designing requires practice, but there are things one needs to study before practicing. Practicing isn’t possible if a person doesn’t know what to practice. Graphic designer practices all their life, but the practice requires knowledge that they attain by studying designing. Several booklets are available that show designing methods. Digital art isn’t about creating designs, animation, editing, and web designing; everything come under this genre. Designer learns about lighting by studying; they find which color and light suits which kinds of images.

Graphic designer work mostly deals with colors; color combination is very important. One must know the color combination and which color highlight which colors. Several experts have literature on color combinations and other design features. Read those materials and then move toward the practicing phase.

Take Courses

As mentioned earlier, there are short courses available that could teach well about designing. However, problem occurs during practice; such programs don’t focus on practicing; instead, focus on studying. So, studying and enrolling in the program will help you start your practice, but if you want to learn fast, you will need to practice yourself. Online and offline courses are available in the market; choose the type of course you prefer. Some people prefer online courses, while others consider offline courses work better. Experts suggest that offline courses are better because a little more focus is given to the practice, while online courses leave that part totally out. Graphic designer job requires practice, ask your instructor questions and practice at home.

Graphic designer job isn’t easy; one must learn from experts to become an expert in this field. Complete your course, and then next step will begin. You could do one month's course, but if have time apply for the 3-month course because it will teach more, certificates are also provided which are required for landing a successful job. After completing courses, work to the next stop.


Practicing is the most important part of training to become a designer, graphic designer's job is all about training and practice. After completion of the course, start practicing daily. Make a planner; different planning apps are available online; utilize them to make daily plans, follow those plans and complete your daily tasks on time. Practice by looking at the works of people and try replicating them, taking the hardest jobs, and trying to complete them properly on time. If need help, take help from YouTube. YouTube is the best method to learn; some designer only learns from YouTube, now earning thousands of dollars weekly.

Don’t over practice, decide a time and practice in that time only, overdoing work might put a person under stress. The person might lose interest in doing graphic designer work if they keep on doing it continuously without results. Enjoy and have fun but practice during the selected time.

Follow Experts

Following experts is important; one learns new tips and tricks from the experts, and several channels are available where one can find them and interact. Social media channels are available where you can find experts and connect with them. Experts show you the right pathway; they also know trends, so they keep followers informed about them. Several people follow a single person and learn through their content. Graphic designer work gives results, but initially, results could take time, people lose hope and leave the work.

Several experts share their own stories on their channels; they share stories about their past and how they came into this business. Motivation could be gathered by listening to stories and relating them to yourself. Several channels are available where one could find these influences but what are best channels:


Several other social media channels are present, but those channels don’t provide comfort that is available on YouTube. Experts share thorough information about their graphic designer work on YouTube. You can learn new things about job and how you could improve yourself. YouTube has downloading feature; if you like some videos, download them and watch them on loop. Find best artists on YouTube and connect with them; follow one or two because different people would confuse you, and it's not good earlier on in your career.


Podcasts are the best way to motivate yourself during your graphic designer work. Podcasts could be heard during work, practice, and listening to podcasts. Select a podcast and follow it throughout, learn what they teach, and listen to their advice. Words sometimes do more damage than graphics, do your job and keep listening. Podcasts could motivate you, help you through difficult times; they often share tips regarding work. Listen to all advice regarding graphic designer work and other stuff, follow if you want to keep yourself motivated during work.

Create Portfolio

Practice doesn’t go to waste; people think they should work when they are getting paid for something, practice, and create master piece. Use your knowledge and try replicating difficult projects you see online. Create portfolio for graphic designing work. Portfolio shows customers your set of skills, one couldn’t create a sample at the time, but a portfolio available would showcase your talent. Attach that portfolio with each resume sent out. Let the employer know you have expertise in graphic design work and could perform well. Employers are concerned with degrees, but moreover, they are concerned with skills employees have. Your chance of employment could increase.

Job Boards

Wanna start a job, visit job boards especially made for graphic designers. Job boards provide information about job openings. Select the suitable advertisements that match your skill set and apply. Always remember to attack your portfolio with your resume. Portfolio doubles the chances of hiring, and you could easily land a high-paying job. Several job boards are available online but select the best only, which provide high-paying jobs. Don’t fall for marketing tricks of Job boards that charge money for providing services.

Market Yourself

Create social media accounts and market yourself. Graphic designer job is pretty different job than other jobs in the world. Digital artistry has huge competition; mostly, freelancing work is done in this job. Create social media accounts and share work; most companies are looking for people and utilize social media to look for candidates. Showcase your talents, make yourself visible online. LinkedIn is one of the best social media websites; find employment on LinkedIn. Top companies are available that and one can find a full-time job and a part-time job on this website.


Graphic designer job is best for people who aren’t comfortable with going out and working. One could easily learn the skills and become an expert within a year. Follow the method given above and become a digital artist at home within a year. The work isn’t difficult but needs attention from a person. Begin by collecting the materials required and building a workspace at home. After following the method above, a person could easily find work in big company. Want to find a graphic designing job, follow the methods above.

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